ID Tech EMV Augusta Swiper

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Specifications & Requirements



Dimensions: 1.77 in (45 mm) X 5 in (127 mm) X 1.42 in (36 mm)

Weight: 7 oz

Warranty: 1 year

Max Track: 3 Track

Operating Life: MSR 1,000,000 swipes / EMV 500,000 inserts

Operating Temp: 32°F - 131°F

Storage Temp: -22°F - 149°F

ID Tech EMV Augusta Product Specification sheet


QuickSale for Windows: HID format


  • EMV Certified with Major Processors
  • EMV Level 1 and Level 2 Certified
  • Windows & Android SDK Available for Simplified Integration
  • Provides Encrypted MSR or EMV Data
  • Mounting Compatibility with MiniMag II and SecuRED
  • PCI 4.1 SRED (Augusta S)
  • Remote Key Injection Supported
  • Supports ID TECH Common Kernel
  • Supports Quick Chip and M/Chip Fast

Configuration Guides

QuickSale for Windows

1. Ensure that the device is HID formatted. See Format Conversion section below.

2. Sign into the software and right click the CHARGE Anywhere icon in the notification section of your desktop. Select Setup.

3. Click on the Print Options tab and click Peripheral Devices. A Peripheral Device Configuration screen will appear.

4. Use the dropdown menu under Card Swiper Configuration to select your device and also the COM port.

5. Click Save on the Peripheral Device Configuration screen and click OK in the setup menu.

If the above steps do not work please contact Charge Anywhere Customer Support at 800-211-1256 option 1 for further assistance