Star TSP654

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Specifications & Requirements

  • Print Method Direct Thermal
  • Print Resolution 203 dpi
  • Print Speed Up to 300mm/second
  • Paper Width 80mm standard / 58mm (paper guide)
  • Paper Thickness 0.053 – 0.085mm
  • Paper Roll Diameter 83mm
  • Power Consumption Operating / Waiting - Average 1.9 / 0.15A
  • Uses PS60 - 24V PSU with Hosiden connector
  • Dimensions 142 (W) x 132 (H) x 202 (D) mm
  • Weight 1.72kg
  • Near End Sensor Horizontal and vertical use
  • 2D Barcode Support QR Code, PDF417, GS1

Product information sheet

Star TSP654

User manual



Wired/LAN Setup

  • Power off the Printer and connect to an Ethernet cable.
  • Hold down the Feed button and switch on the Printer. A receipt will print out showing the IP Address.
  • On a PC enter the IP Address you see on the Receipt. Enter admin for the Username and 123458 for the Password
  • Click on the option Net on the top
  • Select Disable for DHCP and enter the IP address you wish to use below
  • Press Save All Data

App Configuration

  • Log into the Quicksale POS application.
  • Choose Options and then Choose Peripheral Devices
  • Choose Kitchen Printer and Choose Network
  • Enter the IP address you assigned for either the Wireless or LAN configuration