Transfer QuickSale mPOS to new device

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Please follow the steps below in order to transfer and register the QuickSale mPOS on a new device:

  • If user is able to access QuickSale mPOS before upgrading phone then the user can login on QuickSale and on the main screen click on Config/Maintenance/Unregister, make sure to write down software license key and phone number as it will be needed to register QuickSale on new device, then click on Submit.
  • If user phone is broken and have no access to the QuickSale mPOS application then the user can contact his/her merchant service provider in order to release the software license key or contact Charge Anywhere Support at 800.211.1256 x1.
  • On new device download QuickSale mPOS from Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS.
  • Register application Using the software license key and business phone number.