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===<span style="color:#191970">'''Settlements'''</span>===
===<span style="color:#191970">'''Settlements'''</span>===

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Welcome to the ComsGate® Virtual Terminal - Transaction Manager Knowledge Base!
Navigate through this page to discover everything you need to know about Transaction Manager.



ComsGate® is the most feature-rich IP and wireless payment gateway in the market today. With dedicated, redundant connections into all the major payment processors and wireless networks, you can be confident that ComsGate® will route your credit, debit, gift, loyalty and pre-paid transactions to wherever you need them, in a matter of seconds! The Transaction Manager is a web based application that allows you to process transactions, view transactions processed by any CHARGE Anywhere service and generate transaction reports. All CHARGE Anywhere services come with a Free Transaction Manager with limited features. See Transaction Manager Features for more details.

System Requirements: Windows Vista or MacOS X (minimum); Internet Connection

Supported Browsers: Internet Explorer 8 or later; Firefox 5 or later; Safari 5 or later; Chrome

Supported Peripherals: See Peripheral Help

Features: Transaction Manager Features

A Credit Card Merchant Account and ACH Merchant Account is required to process credit card payments and ACH transactions respectively. CHARGE Anywhere does not provide Merchant Accounts but is compatible with all major Payment Processors in the US & Canada.

Getting Started

1. Go to the online Transaction Manager and enter your username and password. The username for Transaction Manager is included in your activation email. The password is sent in a seperate email for security purposes.

2. Confirm Your Identity - To better serve and protect our customers, a new user will undergo a quick security procedure.

3. Log in with your username and newly created password.

Password Reset Guide - Click link to download a video guide

Processing Transactions

Web Terminal - Process a credit, ACH or gift/prepaid transaction.

Transaction Manager Menu Options

View Merchant Info

View Merchant Info

View Merchant Info displays the merchant profile, processor info, and devices on the account. Use the tabs at the top of the page to view info related to different tender types services: Credit Card, ACH, Prepaid / Gift Card, Cash and Check.

Gateway Merchant Info: To update your merchant info, go to My Account > Merchant Profile.

  • Gateway Merchant ID: Click the link to access your account's unique 64 character string

Processor Info: To update your processor info, go to My Account > Processor Info.

Devices: Lists all devices on your account.

  • Gateway Terminal ID: Click the link to access the device overview
  • Identification: The gateway's unique identification of each device
  • Device ID: The terminal ID assigned by the processor for each device

My Account


Preferences - Change the default behavior of your account.

Merchant Profile - Verify or enter the details of your merchant profile.

Fraud Detection Settings - Allows you to set hourly and daily transaction limits, restrict IP Addresses, and set limits on sale amounts to prevent unauthorized transactions.

Card updater Merchants with the Card Updater feature enabled on their account will have the card on file automatically update the once it expired for any customer with active autopay subcriptions.



Click on totals to find total transaction amounts for the sales activity on your account. All totals for the selected search criteria will appear in the grid. Use the tabs at the top to select a tender type. (Credit Card, Prepaid / Gift Card, Cash)

Search Criteria - Use the search criteria to extend or narrow your search.


Export - Save the currently displayed totals to your computer as a text file with comma separated values.

Short Report - View your totals in a printable format.

Detail Report - View your totals and the transactions that comprise that total in a printable format.

Search Transactions

Search Transactions

Search Transactions stores all your transactions for 2 years. Transaction records older than 2 years are available upon request. You may double click a transaction record for more details and options. Use the tabs at the top of the page to view transaction records for different tender types: Credit Card, ACH, Prepaid / Gift Card, Cash or Check. Use the search criteria to expand or narrow the search results.


Export Setup - Select the data you would like exported and the order in which you would like the data exported.

Export Transactions - Save the currently displayed transactions to your computer as a text file with comma separated values.

View Transaction Summary - View your transactions records in a printable format.

Click Here for more information on Search Transactions.

Click Here for a list of transaction responses.

Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal allows you to process transactions in Transaction Manager in a variety of ways.

Virtual Terminal Options
Web Terminal - Credit Card

Virtual Terminal - Process a credit, ACH or gift/prepaid transaction.

Virtual Terminal Settings - Set processing options on your devices

User Management

User Management

User management allows you to manage the users that access your account, log in information and user permissions. All existing users are located inside the User window.

Login Level: By default, Access Level 2 has all permissions enabled. Access Level 1 users are only allowed to view transactions for a specific device on your account.

Password Policy: Click to view CHARGE Anywhere password rules.

Transaction Manager Permissions: - Click to view permissions

To add a user:

  • Select a login level. (If you select Access Level 1, specify the device the user is allowed to view)
  • Enter a new username of at least 6 characters. (Usernames will be rejected if already in use by another gateway user)
  • Enter a temporary password and confirm. (User will be prompted to change password upon first log in. See Password Policy.)
  • Enter the user's email address
  • Click Add User

To delete a user: Double click a username to populate the username field and select Delete User.

To change a password: Double click a username to populate the username field. Enter the new password and confirm, then select Change Password.

To change user permissions: Double click a username to populate the username field. Select Permissions, make necessary edits and click Update.

To unlock a user: Double click a username to populate the username field and select Unlock User.



Settlements display the batch totals that are sent to your processor on a daily basis. There 3 different type of settlements:

Host Based - Time Initiated: Settlement managed by Host (First Data Rapid Connect, Global Payments, Chase Paymentech,..) at a time set by the channel at the host. Time provided under Settlement Options is the time when a report is created by Charge Anywhere, that report has Success* in it as the result. Per default config the report will be generated every day at 12AM EST unless ISO enters a different time.

Host Based

Time Initiated - Merchant Initiated: Settlement managed by Charge Anywhere, this is supported for processing platforms such as TSYS and Elavon. Merchant Manually Settles batches: the batch will stay open until the merchant closes the batch manually I want Charge Anywhere to Settle merchant Batches at 12AM EST. Charge Anywhere will send transaction totals to host for settlement every day at 12 AM unless ISO enters a different time.

Merchant Based

Terminal Based: Similar to Host Based – Merchant Initiated, this is supported for processing platforms such as TSYS and Elavon. The difference is that in Terminal Based we send transaction details while in Host Based – Merchant Initiated we send transaction totals. The net effect is the same and the configurations are identical and the reports are identical. I want Charge Anywhere to Settle merchant Batches at 12AM EST. Charge Anywhere will send transaction totals to host for settlement every day at 12 AM unless ISO enters a different time.

Terminal Based

If you wish to change your batch time: Ensure that all open batches are closed and contact your merchant service provider.


For your security, please click the Logout button when you have finished using the transaction manager. You will be automatically logged out after 15 minutes of inactivity.


Q: Is the ComsGate® Transaction Manager PCI compliant?

A: Yes. All of CHARGE Anywhere payment applications are driven by our Level 1 PCI validated payment gateway, ComsGate. We maintain the highest levels of PCI standards and best practices to ensure cardholder data is kept safe from misuse and identify theft. Utilizing the services of Compliance Point, the industry leader in CISP/PCI compliance, CHARGE Anywhere undergoes a continuous, rigorous audit process to confirm that our products and services are compliant with the latest Card Association regulations.

Q: Can the ComsGate® Transaction Manager work with my processor?

A: Yes. The ComsGate® Transaction Manager can work with any major processor in the US and Canada. Here is a list of processors that are compatible.

FD Rapid Connect* TSYS (Vital)* Chase Payments* Elavon (Nova)*
Global Payments FD North* Evertec* Heartland

* Processor is certified for EMV transactions

Q: What are the costs associated with the ComsGate® Transaction Manager?

A: All fees are designated by your merchant service provider. Please contact your merchant service provider for a price quote.

Q: How long are my transactions accessible in the ComsGate® Transaction Manager?

A: All transactions are accessible online for 24 months. After 24 months, all records are archived and can be retrieved upon request.

Q: I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

A: Click here for the Forgot Password procedure.

Q: How do I batch my transactions?

A: CHARGE Anywhere is a host capture gateway. All approved transactions are automatically batched by CHARGE Anywhere and sent to your processor for funding. There is nothing you will need to do to initiate the batch.

Q: How do I change my automated batch time?

A: You can contact your merchant service provider to change your batch time. Batches can be set to automatically close on any hour of the day.

Q: What peripherals can I use with the ComsGate® Transaction Manager? (card readers, pinpads, signature capture devices)

A: For a complete list of peripherals, see Peripheral Help.

Q: What kind of customer support does the ComsGate® Transaction Manager offer?

A: CHARGE Anywhere Customer Support and Technical Support are available Monday through Friday from 9am to 7pm ET.

Q: How do I turn on CVV required for the virtual Terminal??

A: When entering the processing information on Virtual Terminal screen right above the CVV field select the option for CVV indicator as enter CVV.