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Comsgate Gift Cards

Gift/ Loyalty allows you to maintain a database of privately labeled cards to disperse to current and/or potential customers. Gift/Loyalty cards dispersed in this manner can then be used as a form of payment with your company. Database management of your privately labeled cards is maintained online, but the QuickSale mPOS, QuickSale POS and Vitual Terminal allow you to perform transactions on those cards.

To order Gift Cards login on Transaction Manager website: or the Cash Register portal: and click on the link on top of the screen “Order Gift Cards”

To load the Gift Cards:

  • From the application select the Gift Card product
  • Enter the amount to load and then swipe the gift card
  • Select Add to order

To perform a balance inquiry:

  • Tap on Options
  • Tab on Gift/Loyalty
  • Tab on Balance Inquiry
  • Swipe the Gift Card

To perform a sale using a gift card:

  • Select the items to be sold
  • Tap on Payment
  • Tap on Gift
  • Swipe the gift card

To perform a refund to a gift card:

  • Click on Logs
  • Tap on the order
  • Tap on Options
  • Select Refund all to refund the whole order amount
  • Select Refund some for a partial refund, you will uncheck the items to be left out of the refund
  • Tap on refund and the tap on Gift
  • Swipe the gift card to complete the refund