Pending Gateway Transactions

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Pending transactions is a table used for transactions that are currently in an incomplete status. Each transaction placed in pending transactions will have either a status of PENDING or LOCKED.

Transactions with Pending Status

A transaction is considered pending when it received an approved response from the gateway but the payment application was not able to create a payment record for the transaction. This usually occurs when the invoice being processed against was not in a fully saved state.

To complete a transaction with a pending status:

1. Save and Close any open invoice/sales receipts and receive payment windows.

2. Go to Company > Charge Anywhere > Pending Transactions

3. Choose appropriate payment type (Credit Card or ACH)

4. Highlight transaction and press update.

*If update is successful, you will see a notification that states: “Successfully updated payment in QuickBooks”.

*If update is unsuccessful, you will see a notification that states: “Unable to create payments in QuickBooks”. Continue to step 5.

5. If update was unsuccessful, create a receive payment for the customer manually in QuickBooks. Once you have created a payment manually, dismiss the pending transaction. See Dismissing a Pending Transaction below.

Transactions with Locked Status

A transaction is considered locked when no response was received from the gateway. This may be due to lack of internet connection, firewalls, etc.

1. Before taking any action on a locked transaction, verify whether the charge was received by the gateway by using the Transaction Manager. If the transaction was received and approved, create a payment record manually and dismiss the pending transaction. (If necessary, refer to Dismissing a Pending Transaction below.)

2. If the transaction was not received by the gateway, close Pending Transactions menu and process the sale again. If you are resubmitting from the same invoice/sales receipt, you will see a new window after pressing send that asks: “There is a pending transaction for this invoice. Continue anyway…” Click Yes.

3. If you still receive no response from gateway. Ensure that your internet connection is stable and that “chargeanywherewrapper.exe” is an exception in your firewall or antivirus software.

Dismissing a Pending Transaction

1. Go to Company > Charge Anywhere > Pending Transactions

2. Choose appropriate payment type (Credit Card or ACH)

3. Highlight the transaction and click edit

4. Set the transaction state to dismissed and press OK. (Older versions of the payment application says ‘skipped’ instead of ‘dismissed’)

5. Once the transaction state has been set to dismissed, highlight it and press update. This will clear the transaction from the list.

Recording dissmissed Pending Transaction in QB

1 From the headings click on Customer Center

2 Click on New Transactions

3 From the New Transactions drop-down select Receive Payments

4 Select the Customer, enter Payment Amount, Date and check mark the invoices that payment will be applied to

5 Click on Save and Close, if you get a popup to process payment click on no or cancel since payment was already process and you are just creating the QB record