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<div align="center">'''<span style="color:#191970">Cash Register systems'''
<div align="center">'''<span style="color:#191970">Cash Register systems and bar code scanners compatibility'''
{| class="wikitable sortable" border="3" style="text-align:center; font-style:bold;"
{| class="wikitable sortable" border="3" style="text-align:center; font-style:bold;"
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! scope="col" | AZT-BT-M520 scanner
! scope="col" | AZT-BT-M520 scanner
! scope="col" | ID Tech BluScan scanner
! scope="col" | ID Tech BluScan scanner
! scope="col" | ID Tech EconoScan scanner
! scope="col" | ID Tech 2DScan
! scope="row" | [https://www.chargeanywhere.com/remotefiles/Others/T25.pdf <b>'''T25'''</b>]
! scope="row" | [https://www.chargeanywhere.com/remotefiles/Others/T25.pdf <b>'''T25'''</b>]
| [[File:POWA_T25.png|50px]]|| '''&#x2713;'''|| '''&#x2713;'''|| '''&#x2713;'''||  '''&#x2713;'''||'''&#x2713;'''||
| [[File:POWA_T25.png|50px]]|| '''&#x2713;'''|| '''&#x2713;'''|| '''&#x2713;'''||  '''&#x2713;'''||'''&#x2713;'''||        ||      ||
! scope="row" | [https://www.chargeanywhere.com/remotefiles/Others/A1088.pdf <b>'''A1088'''</b>]
! scope="row" | [https://www.chargeanywhere.com/remotefiles/Others/A1088.pdf <b>'''A1088'''</b>]
| [[File:AZTGOLD-PLUS.png|50px]]|| '''&#x2713;'''|| '''&#x2713;'''||'''&#x2713;'''||          ||        ||'''&#x2713;'''
| [[File:AZTGOLD-PLUS.png|50px]]|| '''&#x2713;'''|| '''&#x2713;'''||'''&#x2713;'''||          ||        ||'''&#x2713;'''||'''&#x2713;'''||
! scope="row" | [https://www.chargeanywhere.com/remotefiles/Others/A1088Max.pdf <b>'''A1088 MAX'''</b>]
! scope="row" | [https://www.chargeanywhere.com/remotefiles/Others/A1088Max.pdf <b>'''A1088 MAX'''</b>]
| [[File:AZTGOLD-PLUS.png|50px]]|| '''&#x2713;'''|| '''&#x2713;'''||'''&#x2713;'''||          ||        ||'''&#x2713;'''
| [[File:AZTGOLD-PLUS.png|50px]]|| '''&#x2713;'''|| '''&#x2713;'''||'''&#x2713;'''||          ||        ||'''&#x2713;'''||'''&#x2713;'''||
! scope="row" | [https://www.chargeanywhere.com/remotefiles/Others/PaypointRevB.pdf <b>'''Paypoint'''</b>]
! scope="row" | [https://www.chargeanywhere.com/remotefiles/Others/PaypointRevB.pdf <b>'''Paypoint'''</b>]
| [[File:Elo ppa product hero gallery 1400x800 front 4.png|50px]]|| '''&#x2713;'''|| '''&#x2713;'''|| '''&#x2713;'''|  '''&#x2713;'''||'''&#x2713;'''||'''&#x2713;'''||'''&#x2713;'''
| [[File:Elo ppa product hero gallery 1400x800 front 4.png|50px]]|| '''&#x2713;'''|| '''&#x2713;'''|| '''&#x2713;'''|  '''&#x2713;'''||'''&#x2713;'''||'''&#x2713;'''||'''&#x2713;'''||'''&#x2713;'''||'''&#x2713;'''
! scope="row" | [https://www.chargeanywhere.com/remotefiles/Others/PaypointPlus.pdf <b>'''Paypoint Plus'''</b>]
! scope="row" | [https://www.chargeanywhere.com/remotefiles/Others/PaypointPlus.pdf <b>'''Paypoint Plus'''</b>]
| [[File:Paypoint plus.png|50px]]|| '''&#x2713;'''|| '''&#x2713;'''|| '''&#x2713;'''|  '''&#x2713;'''||'''&#x2713;'''||'''&#x2713;'''||'''&#x2713;'''
| [[File:Paypoint plus.png|50px]]|| '''&#x2713;'''|| '''&#x2713;'''|| '''&#x2713;'''|  '''&#x2713;'''||'''&#x2713;'''||'''&#x2713;'''||'''&#x2713;'''||'''&#x2713;'''||'''&#x2713;'''
! scope="row" | [https://www.chargeanywhere.com/remotefiles/Others/SunmiT2.pdf <b>'''T2 Mini'''</b>]
! scope="row" | [https://www.chargeanywhere.com/remotefiles/Others/SunmiT2.pdf <b>'''T2 Mini'''</b>]
| [[File:Sunmit2mini.png|50px]]|| '''&#x2713;'''|| '''&#x2713;'''||'''&#x2713;'''||        ||          ||'''&#x2713;'''
| [[File:Sunmit2mini.png|50px]]|| '''&#x2713;'''|| '''&#x2713;'''||'''&#x2713;'''||        ||          ||'''&#x2713;'''||'''&#x2713;'''||
Line 514: Line 516:
| [[File:CapSocket.PNG|50px]]|| &nbsp;|| &nbsp;|| '''&#x2713;'''||&nbsp;
| [[File:CapSocket.PNG|50px]]|| &nbsp;|| &nbsp;|| '''&#x2713;'''||&nbsp;
! scope="row" | [https://www.chargeanywhere.com/remotefiles/Others/CHS7ci.pdf <b>'''BluScan'''</b>]
! scope="row" | [https://https://www.chargeanywhere.com/remotefiles/Others/CHS7ci.pdf <b>'''ID Tech BluScan'''</b>]
| [[File:CapBlueScan.PNG|50px]]|| &nbsp;|| &nbsp;|| '''&#x2713;'''||&nbsp;
| [[File:CapBlueScan.PNG|50px]]|| &nbsp;|| &nbsp;|| '''&#x2713;'''||&nbsp;
! scope="row" | [https://www.chargeanywhere.com/remotefiles/Others/EconoScanII.pdf <b>'''ID Tech EconoScan'''</b>]
| [[File:CapEconoScan.PNG|50px]]|| &nbsp;|| &nbsp;|| '''&#x2713;'''||&nbsp;
! scope="row" | [https://www.chargeanywhere.com/remotefiles/Others/EconoScanII.pdf <b>'''ID Tech 2DScan'''</b>]
| [[File:Cap2D.PNG|50px]]|| &nbsp;|| &nbsp;|| '''&#x2713;'''||&nbsp;
! scope="row" | [https://www.chargeanywhere.com/remotefiles/Others/M520.pdf <b>'''AZT-BT-M520'''</b>]
! scope="row" | [https://www.chargeanywhere.com/remotefiles/Others/M520.pdf <b>'''AZT-BT-M520'''</b>]

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Welcome to the QuickSale™ POS for Android® Knowledge Base!
Navigate through this page to discover everything you need to know about the app.


Quicksale & Miura M010 Wireless EMV video

Setup Guide - Click link to download a video guide to configuring the QuickSale POS Online Portal


QuickSale Cash Register POS is a dynamic cloud-based cash register and retail management system that provides the latest in point-of-sale functionality and business management tools.

Our cutting-edge features are designed to give business owners a competitive advantage, and our tablet application, powered by the cloud-based back end that is multi-user and multi-location friendly, allows for convenient management from anywhere with internet connectivity.

System Requirements: Android OS 4.4 or higher; Internet Connectivity is required to transmit transaction data.

Supported Peripherals: See Peripheral Help

Features: Free Online Transaction Manager & Virtual Terminal, Electronic Signature Capture, Record of transaction location (GPS), Offline Mode (Store and Forward), AVS & CVV2, Level 1 & Level 2 Purchase Cards, Optional Prompts (tips, clerk#, tax%, customer#)

A Credit Card Merchant Account and ACH Merchant Account is required to process credit card payments and ACH transactions respectively. CHARGE Anywhere does not provide Merchant Accounts but is compatible with all major Payment Processors in the US & Canada.

Getting Started


1. Download the QuickSale™ Cash Register for Android app from the Google Play Store.

2. Enter the Software License Key and Phone Number.

  • Software License Key and Phone Number are provided in your CHARGE Anywhere Welcome Email or Text Message.

3. Sign in with the username and password that were created in the Cash Register Portal.

4. To configure a peripheral card reader and/or printer, see Peripheral Help.

Process Sale

Enter the items that will be sold in the transaction. The total sale amount will be displayed in the Total section above the Sale Item window. The Subtotal section at the bottom will show the breakdown of the sale, included Taxes, and deductions from Discounts.

Sale ready for processing

You can tap on Exact Change button to complete a cash transaction for the exact total amount.

Press the Payment button when you are ready to collect payment and select one of the following options:

After the order is completed you will be prompted to:

  • Signature capture: After an approved credit card sale, the customer will be prompted to sign on the screen (Signature capture must be enable in the portal)
  • Print receipt: If you have a receipt printer connected, receipt will automatically print (Print receipts options are configured in the portal)
  • Email receipt: You will be prompted to enter the customer’s email address (Email Customer Receipt must be enabled in the Portal).

Transaction Options

*Click here for a list of Transaction Responses

The Transaction options are displayed on the right side of the Sale Window.

1.Payment allows you to collect payment for the sale. Payment can be taken with Cash, Check, Credit/Debit or Gift Card

2. Quick Cash allows you to collect a cash payment for the exact amount of the sale.

3. Customer allows you to associate a customer to the sale. This can be used to save the customers email address for sending receipts, or to add automatic discounts to a specific customers order

To add a customer:

  • Select customers from the cashier options
  • Select add new
  • Enter the customers first name, last name, phone number and email address
  • Tap ok:
    • The added customer will automatically be assigned to the next order.
    • The customer number will automatically be assigned by the Portal after added.

To assign a customer to an order:

  • Select Customers from the Cashier Options.
  • Locate and select desired customer. (You can search for customers by their customer number, first name, last name, phone number or email address.)

Tap Ok:

  • Once a customer is selected, you will see the customer’s last name under the Customer button in Cashier Options.
  • If the customer has been assigned a customer discount in Portal, the customer discount will automatically be applied to the entire order.

4. Promo allows you to add discounts to the current sale, to apply a promo to an entire order, select Promo from the menu bar and enter the promo code. After promo is applied, the discounted amount will appear in the checkout summary in red

5. New Order removes all items from the current sale and starts a new one

6. Hold Order allows you to save a sale to be processed at a later time. An order can be held for up to 2 hours, this option will change to Held Order if there are no items currently in the sale

To hold an order:

  • Select the product(s) you wish to sell from the product selection panel or scan the product(s) barcode. Change quantities and apply promos and/or discounts as necessary.
  • Select Hold Order
  • Enter a name for the order
  • Select Save Order

To retrieve a held order:

  • Ensure that there are no items in checkout panel and click Held Orders from the menu bar
  • Select the desired order
  • Once the order is recalled, you can make any necessary edits to the order or process the payment

7. Refund allows to perform a refund using the order number or by scanning the receipt they will have the option to:

  • Refund All - While viewing a transaction's details, click the Options button for the option to refund the full amount of the transaction.
  • Refund Some - While viewing a transaction's details, click the Options button for the option to refund a selected amount of the transaction.
  • Email Customer Copy - While viewing a transaction's details, click the Options button for the option to email the customer a copy of the receipt.


Options Menu

The options menu will allow you configure the application and perform maintenance functions

Peripheral Devices Menu

The Peripheral Device menu will allow you to configure your receipt printer, card swiper/ chip reader, and barcode scanner

Maintenance Menu

The Maintenance Menu can only be used by users with Administrative permissions. You will need to enter a manager authorization code to access.

  • Rotate KEK: Resets the encryption key used to generate the Data Encryption Key. This function will be performed automatically annually
  • Rotate Keys: Resets the Data Encryption Key used by the application to encrypt card data. This function will be performed automatically annually
  • Unregister: Unregisters the software license key so the application can be installed on another tablet
  • Update Config Files if you have a chip reader configured, this will download the latest files into the terminal
  • Update RKI if you have a chip reader configured, performs a remote key injection to update the encryption key of the device. This should be done after Rotate KEK is used
  • EMV Reports: Email reports detailing chip card transactions

Sync Menu

The Sync Menu will allow you to connect the application to your Cash Register portal to pick up any changes to products or users

  • Sync All: Performs all of the Synchronization options in the Sync Menu
  • Sync Device Settings: download application settings from the online portal
  • Sync Categories: download product categories from the online portal
  • Sync Products: download product updates from the online portal
  • Sync Promotions: download promotional discounts from the online portal
  • Sync Audio Jack File: download the latest configuration for the Unimag Audio Jack Reader
  • Sync User Permissions: download updates to login permissions from the online portal
  • Sync Customer Database: download updates to saved customer information from the online portal

Cash Drop Menu

The Cash Drop menu is used to record removing bills from the cash drawer

Cash Buy Menu

The Cash Buy menu is used to record adding bills to the cash drawer

Promotions Menu

The Promotions menu is used to review and printout promotional discounts

Gift/Loyalty Menu

The Gift/Loyalty Menu will allow you to do a Balance Inquiry on a giftcard. You will need to enter a manager authorization code to access.

Media Counter

The Media Counter is used to add up all the bills and coins in the cash drawer. At the bottom will be a message if the cash drawer is over or below the number of cash sales performed.


'Using the Tablet's camera to scan a barcode'

If the tablet the application is running on has a camera the application can use it to scan bar codes that have been generated in the online portal. To scan a bar code press the Camera button on the top menu, then position the rectangle in the center over the bar code. It will turn green when it successfully reads the code and the item will be added to the sale. If the camera scans a bar code that is not associated to any item in the online portal a message will be displayed that the item could not be found


The Drawer button will open the cash drawer connected to your application


Reconnecting peripheral devices

Pressing the reconnect button will attempt to sync your bluetooth peripherals with the application.


The Logs hold lists of transactions previously entered into the app and provides additional functions for that transaction, such as Reprint Receipt. (Screenshots to the right outline the process or reprinting or voiding a transaction)

Current Day Logs

Displays approved transactions run within the current day. Click a transaction to view the transaction details.

Current Day Logs (select a trans)

Transaction View (click Menu button to refund, print trans, or email receipt)

  • Refund All - While viewing a transaction's details, click the Options button for the option to refund the full amount of the transaction.
  • Refund Some - While viewing a transaction's details, click the Options button for the option to refund a selected amount of the transaction.
  • Reprint Receipt - While viewing a transaction's details, click the Options button for options to print Merchant Copy or Customer Copy. A printer must be connected in order for this option to appear.
  • Email Customer Copy - While viewing a transaction's details, click the Options button for the option to email the customer a copy of the receipt.
  • Map It- While viewing a transaction's details, click the Options button for the option to view the GPS location the transaction took place.


Reports will provide real time totals of transactions run within your Cash Register App during the current day. There are a few options to narrow the results of your report.


Report Options

  • Tender Types Filter: ACH, Cash, Check, Credit, Gift/Loyalty. You may also filter your credit card search by card type.
  • Detail Level: Short will display the transactions that make up the total; Full includes the timestamp of each transaction.
  • Clerk# Filter: View totals run by a specific user by entering the user's clerk #.

Additional features

  • Manager Override managers and administrators must create an override code in the Portal. If a user tries to perform a function that they do not have permission to perform, a manager or admin may enter his/her override code for a one time authorization of that function.

  • Cash Drawer Reconciliation when logging into a cash register to start a shift, the user can collect the starting balance of the cash drawer. During a shift, all cash transactions and the amount that should be in a cash drawer at any time are tracked. When a user is ready to close shift, the user is notified if there is discrepancy in the cash balance (shortage or overage).

Note: The options that control the cash drawer settings are configured in the Portal. Refer to Register Settings section for more details.

Supported Hardware

Click the product name to download the Manufacturers Specification sheet

Cash Register systems and bar code scanners compatibility
Device List Image Printer Cash Drawer Socket Scanner AZT-BT-M600 scanner AZT-BT-M520 scanner ID Tech BluScan scanner ID Tech EconoScan scanner ID Tech 2DScan
T25 POWA T25.png
Paypoint Elo ppa product hero gallery 1400x800 front 4.png
Paypoint Plus Paypoint plus.png
T2 Mini Sunmit2mini.png

Device List Image EMV Reader Printer Barcode Scanner Cash Drawer
Miura M006 00002.jpg      
Miura M010 00001.jpg      
Woosim R241 R241.png      
Star TSP654 StarTSP.jpg      
AZT W805 AZT 805.png      
CHS 7Ci CapSocket.PNG      
ID Tech BluScan CapBlueScan.PNG      
ID Tech EconoScan CapEconoScan.PNG      
ID Tech 2DScan Cap2D.PNG      
AZT-BT-M520 M520.jpg      
AZT-BT-M600 M600.jpg      
AZT-PCD-358 PCD-358.jpg      
AZT-ZQ-410F ZQ410F.png      

Demos & FAQs

Add Product Catagory in Online Portal

Add Non Inventory Product in Online Portal

Add Promotion in Online Portal

Quicksale POS for POWA

Device Test App for POWA

Q: Is QuickSale™ PCI compliant?

A: Yes. All of CHARGE Anywhere payment applications are driven by our Level 1 PCI validated payment gateway, ComsGate. We maintain the highest levels of PCI standards and best practices to ensure cardholder data is kept safe from misuse and identify theft. Utilizing the services of Compliance Point, the industry leader in CISP/PCI compliance, CHARGE Anywhere undergoes a continuous, rigorous audit process to confirm that our products and services are compliant with the latest Card Association regulations.

Q: Can QuickSale™ work with my processor?

A: Yes. QuickSale™ can work with any major processor in the US and Canada. Specifically for QuickSale™ Cash Register here is a list of processors that are compatible.

FDMS Rapid Connect* Chase Payments* TSYS (Vital)*

* Processor is certified for EMV transactions

Q: What are the costs associated with QuickSale POS™?

A: All fees are designated by your merchant service provider. Please contact your merchant service provider for a price quote.

Q: Do I have to turn off my old payment processing software before using QuickSale™ POS for Android?

A: No, QuickSale™ for Android does not interfere with any other processing software you are currently using. However, if you are utilizing a card reader, it may not be able to work properly in two different software simultaneously.

Q: What is the difference between Variants and Modifiers?

A:Variants and Modifiers are two different concepts that can be used in different industry types. We can usually refer or use variants in the retail world, while modifiers work better in the hospitality industry whether is a Cafe, restaurant, etc. However, they both could be used in both worlds as well.

Q: How do I use Variants?

A: Variants allow you to sell items in different variations, like a shirt for example is sold in different sizes and colors. Each shirt is considered as a product and it is tracked independently in the inventory, reports, stock level, unit cost and retail price. Products with variants can also have different product codes and can be sold in the same store or different stores.

Q: How do I use modifiers?

A: Modifiers allow you to customize the product to sell it in terms of additions or exclusions.Modifiers can increase the price of the product but, they also can be free and do, nt affect the price. For example a customer can order a sandwich ($10) then, add extra cheese ($0.5) and extra steak sauce ($1.00). The extra cheese and the sauce in this scenario are modifiers. They modify the basic product by adding two ingredients that are not included in the base product and also modified the price from $10.00 to $11.50. You can have as well Free modifiers such as adding milk or cream to a base product (Coffee), in that scenario they wont affect the price.

Q: How to use variants and modifiers to work together

A:This is an scenario where you can use variants and modifiers together, you order a (Large coffee) and add (cream) to it, the large coffee in this case is the variant of the product (Coffee) and (cream) is the modifier. Once you add and sync the variations for the product Coffee (small, mnedium, large) and the modifiers (milk, half & half) when you are entering an order and you tap on Coffee item you will be able to see 3 different products (small coffee, medium coffee and large coffee) those are the variations for the product Coffee, when you select any of the coffee options the modifier popup will populate for you to select the modifier (cream or milk).

Q: How do I batch my transactions?

A: CHARGE Anywhere is a host capture gateway. All approved transactions are automatically batched by CHARGE Anywhere and sent to your processor for funding. There is nothing you will need to do to initiate the batch.

Q: How do I change my automated batch time?

A: You can contact your merchant service provider or CHARGE Anywhere Customer Support to change your batch time. Batches can be set to automatically close on any hour of the day.

Q: Are my transactions accessible online?

A: Yes. All transactions are stored in the online Transaction Manager for 24 months. After 24 months, all records are archived and can be retrieved upon request.

Q: What kind of customer support does QuickSale™ offer?

A: CHARGE Anywhere Customer Support and Technical Support are available Monday throug dh Friday from 9am to 7pm ET.

Common Error Handling

Unimag Audio Jack Reader Doesn't Connect

Locating Bluetooth Pin

Invalid Login

Peripheral Device Not Configured

Device is not PIN capable

Update Configuration File

CVV2 Mismatch

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