Batch Transactions

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Batch Upload Screen

Most merchants who need to process batch files use a commercially available software that can export payment data in a csv (comma separated values) format. The batch processing import setup uses a flexible mapping scheme that allows the merchant to tell the system in what order the payment data appears in the file. Each line of data in the file represents a single transaction record with commas separating the values. View Specs

To process batch transactions:

1. Go to Virtual Terminal > Batch Transactions.

2. Click Batch Transactions Settings and configure it to match the transaction data listed in your file.

  • Transaction Type, Card Number, Expiration Date and Amount are required. You may select skip for any other field not included in your file.

3. Click Upload Transactions

3. Browse for your file and select "Click to Upload".

4. Verify that all information was imported correctly. If you have multiple devices with CHARGE Anywhere, select which device you want the transactions to be associated with using the Select a Terminal drop-down list. You can check off any transactions you do not wish to process.

5. Click "Submit Batch". A list of the transactions to be processed will be displayed. Press "Confirm Batch" to send the transactions

6. The batch will display "Open" while it is processing. When completed you will get an email saying whether the transactions processed successfully or if there was an error. The Status will display "Done" or "Error"