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CHARGE Anywhere's QuickSale for Android Payment Application is the industry's most complete mobile payment solution. This award winning Mobile Payment Solution gives merchants the ability to process transactions securely from their smartphone or tablet. The app offers the ability to accept multiple tender types: Credit Card, Cash, Check, Gift/loyalty, and ACH/eCheck. Included with the solution is our PCI DSS Level 1 ComsGate Payment Gateway, Transaction Manager and Virtual Terminal.

System Requirements: Android OS 4.4 or higher; Internet Connectivity is required to transmit transaction data.

Supported Peripherals: See Peripheral Help

Features: Free Online Transaction Manager & Virtual Terminal, Electronic Signature Capture, Download Customer Email to Your CRM System, Record Transaction Location (GPS), Offline Mode (Store and Forward), AVS & CVV2, Level 1 & Level 2 Purchase Cards, Optional Prompts (tips, clerk#, tax%, customer#)

Add On Features: Bill Presentment; Recurring Transactions

Also available for: Apple iOS

A Credit Card Merchant Account and ACH Merchant Account is required to process credit card payments and ACH transactions respectively. CHARGE Anywhere does not provide Merchant Accounts but is compatible with all major Payment Processors in the US & Canada.

Get started


1. Download the QuickSale® for Android app from the Google Play Store.

2. Enter the Software License Key and Phone Number.

  • Software License Key and Phone Number are provided in your CHARGE Anywhere Welcome Email or Text Message.

(Enter Software License with dashes and enter account phone number without dashes)

3. Create an Admin password, security question and security answer.

Password Policy:

  • Password has to be at least 8 alphanumerics
  • Password must have digits
  • Password must have both upper and lower case letters
  • Cannot use the same letter or number more than twice
  • Cannot contain a sequence greater than two (abc 123)
  • Cannot reuse any of the last four passwords

4. Sign in with the username, Admin, and the password you created.

5. To configure a peripheral card reader and/or printer, see Peripheral Help.

6. Client Implementation Guide - Get information on using the application to maintain PA-DSS compliance

Process QuickSale

If you have a card swiper or chip reader configured, a QuickSale (credit card sale) can be initiated from the home screen by swiping or inserting a credit card. For help setting up card reader, see Peripheral Help. The images below outline the process of a QuickSale.


The Transactions menu will display a list of tender types: Cash, Check, Credit, Gift/Loyalty, and ACH/eCheck.

Transaction Responses

Click here for a list of Transaction Responses



Reports will provide real time totals of transactions run within your QuickSale Payment App during the current day. There are a few options to narrow the results of your report.

Report Options
  • Tender Types Filter: ACH, Cash, Check, Credit, Gift/Loyalty. You may also filter your credit card search by card type.
  • Detail Level: Short will display the transactions that make up the total; Full includes the timestamp of each transaction.
  • Clerk# Filter: View totals run by a specific user by entering the user's clerk #.


Current Day Logs
Current Day Logs

The Logs hold lists of transactions previously entered into the app and provides additional functions for that transaction, such as Reprint Receipt.

(Screenshots to the right outline the process or reprinting or voiding a transaction)

Displays approved transactions run within the current day. Click a transaction to view the transaction details.

  • Reversal - While viewing a transaction's details, click the Menu button located on upper right corner for the option to Reverse the transaction. A Reversal can be performed the same day as the initial sale as long as the batch is currently open.

First Data Rapid Connect customers will only be able to process a Reversal within 25 minutes of the initial sale. After this time has elapsed a Return must be processed instead.

  • Email Receipt - While viewing a transaction's details, click the Menu button located on the upper right corner for the option to Email Customer Copy. Enter the customers email in the Send To field and your email in the Send CC field for the merchant copy.
  • Reprint Receipt - While viewing a transaction's details, click the Menu button located on upper right corner for options to print Merchant Copy or Customer Copy. A printer must be connected in order for this option to appear.


There are three archives. After every day, transactions are transferred from Current Day Logs to Archive 1, then Archive 2, then Archive 3, and finally removed from the app's memory. Any transaction record after this will need to be accessed via the online Transaction Manager. Click a transaction within the Archives to view the transaction details.

Offline transactions
Offline Transactions

Offline mode can be enabled from the Setup Menu When transactions are entered into the Mobile Payment App while in an Offline Mode, those transactions are stored within this log. Click any transaction to view the transaction details. When Offline Mode has been disabled, you have the ability to send those transactions for live approval.

  • Send All - If Offline Mode has been disabled, click the Menu button for an option to Send All. The app will send all Offline Transactions and display the number approved, declined, and failed. If the transaction failed to transmit it will be stored in Failed Offline Transactions.
  • Void - While viewing the transaction details, click the Menu button for options to Void. Void will remove the transaction from Offline logs so that it cannot be uploaded for approval.
  • Send Individual Transaction - Send Transaction will only be visible if Offline Mode has been disabled.

Failed offline transactions

Stores transactions that failed to upload from Offline Transactions Log. Ensure that Offline Mode is disabled and that you have sufficient data coverage before attempting to resend. Click the Menu button for the option to 'Resend Failed'.

Auth only logs
Authorization only logs

All Auth Only transactions that were processed through the Mobile Payment App will be located within this log. Click a transaction to view the transaction details.

  • Capture All (Force) - Click the Menu button located on upper right corner for an option to Capture All. The app will send all Auth Only transactions and display the number approved, declined, and failed.
  • Capture Transaction or Delete Transaction - While viewing the transaction details, click the Menu button for options to Capture Transaction or Delete Transaction.


Config will display a list of menu options: Feature Options, Setup, Security, Support, and Maintenance.

*Click the link below an image for more info on the menu options

Product Updates

Quicksale for Android application updates

Demos & FAQs

Demos - Click link to view demo videos

Quicksale & Miura M010 Wireless EMV video

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is QuickSale™ for Android PCI compliant?

A: Yes. All of CHARGE Anywhere payment applications are driven by our Level 1 PCI validated payment gateway, ComsGate. We maintain the highest levels of PCI standards and best practices to ensure cardholder data is kept safe from misuse and identify theft. Utilizing the services of Compliance Point, the industry leader in CISP/PCI compliance, CHARGE Anywhere undergoes a continuous, rigorous audit process to confirm that our products and services are compliant with the latest Card Association regulations.

Q: Can CHARGE Anywhere work with my processor?

A: Yes. QuickSale™ for Android can work with processors in the US, Canada, LAC and South America. Here is a list of processors that are compatible.

FD Rapid Connec* TSYS (Vital)* Chase Payments*
Elavon (Nova)* FD North* Evertec*

* Processor is certified for EMV transactions

Q: What are the costs associated with QuickSale® for Android?

A: All fees are designated by your merchant service provider. Please contact your merchant service provider for a price quote.

Q: Do I have to turn off my old payment processing software before using QuickSale™ for Android?

A: No, QuickSale™ for Android does not interfere with any other processing software you are currently using. However, if you are utilizing a card reader, it may not be able to work properly in two different software simultaneously.

Q: How do I reset the password on QuickSale mPOS

A: Enter username Admin and click on forgot password, then select from Email temporary password or Answer security question, if "Email temporary password" is selected then an email with a temporary password is going to be sent to the email address associated to the user profile, if "Answer security question" is selected you then you will need to provide answer to the security question and click "Ok", followed on next screen enter new password, confirm password and click on "Save".

Q: How do I batch my transactions?

A: CHARGE Anywhere is a host capture gateway. All approved transactions are automatically batched by CHARGE Anywhere and sent to your processor for funding. There is nothing you will need to do to initiate the batch.

Q: How do I change my automated batch time?

A: You can contact your merchant service provider or CHARGE Anywhere Customer Support to change your batch time. Batches can be set to automatically close on any hour of the day.

Q: What peripherals can I use with QuickSale® for Android? (card readers and printers)

A: For a complete list of peripherals, see Peripheral Help.

Q: I got a new phone, how do I transfer the QuickSale mPOS to new device

A: If user is able to access QuickSale mPOS before upgrading phone then he/she can login on QuickSale then on the main screen click on Config/Maintenance/Unregister, make sure to write down software license key and phone number as it will be needed to register QuickSale on new device, then click on Submit. if user phone is broken then he/she can contact his/her merchant service provider in order to release the software license key.

Q: Are my transactions accessible online?

A: Yes. All transactions are stored and available online in Transaction Manager for 24 months. After 24 months, all records are archived and can be retrieved upon request.

Q: What kind of customer support does Charge Anywhere offer?

A: Charge Anywhere Customer Support and Technical Support are available Monday through Friday from 9am to 7pm ET.

Common Error Handling

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