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Email invoices or statements to your customer that includes a link to a secured site so that the customer may enter their own payment information. (Bill Presentment is an add on service)

To configure your Bill Presentments: see Bill Presentment Setup

1. To send a bill presentment, login on

2. Go to Virtual Terminal > Bill Presentment > Send Invoice to Customer.

3. Click Browse and locate the invoice/statement that you wish to include in the Bill Presentment. Click Upload.

4. Fill out the Customer Name, Customer Email, Invoice#, Description, Amount, Merchant Email and any Custom Text you wish to be included in the email. Click Send Bill.

5. Your customer will receive an email from you with a link to a secured site to enter his/her payment information.

6. You can view the status of any sent bill presentment by going to Virtual Terminal > Bill Presentments > View Bill Presentments