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Search Criteria: You may filter your search for an existing customer by Customer #, Company Name and Phone No.


Add Customer: You may create a new customer and assign a Customer #. You may input the billing and shipping data: First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Country, Phone, Fax and/or Email.

  • Once customer is added, it will display within the customer database and in the Customer Profiles of Web Terminal.

Import Setup: You may choose to import customers into the customer database from a CSV spreadsheet or comma delimited text file. You will use import setup to match the relevant columns on your spreadsheet. Use Skip to bypass a field.

Import Customers: Once you have configured your Import Setup, browse for the CSV spreadsheet or comma delimited text file and Submit.

Export Customers: You are able to export your customer database into a comma delimited text file. This can easily be converted into an excel spreadsheet by adding ".csv" to the end of the file name. (e.g, "Testexport.csv")

Credit Cards Report: Displays all credit cards for all customers within the Customer Database. You can filter your search to by credit card expiration date (MMYY).

Expired Credit Cards Report: Display all credit cards that are expired for any customer within the Customer Database.