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Optional Prompts

Optional Prompts

Clerk# Prompt - A Clerk# is used to identify which user has processed a transaction. Once a username has been assigned a clerk#, every transaction submitted by that user will include the clerk#.

  • Clerk# Text: The clerk# can be labeled as Driver#, Operator#, Employee#, Vendor#, Server ID, Bartender ID, Waiter ID
  • Clerk#: If a username was not assigned a Clerk#, this field will be used as a default Clerk#.

Enable QuickBooks Integration - If enabled, either customer# or invoice# will be a required field in order to process a transaction. If you have CHARGE Anywhere® Designed for Use with QuickBooks active on your gateway account, the transactions can be imported into QuickBooks to automatically create payment records.

For more info, see QB Integration.

Tax Enabled - If enabled, the mobile payment app will allow for a designated tax % to every transaction amount.

Tax Prompt - If enabled, the application will allow the Tax Mode setting.

Tax Mode - Select the mode to either be Manual or Auto

  • Manual - allows you to manually enter a dollar amount at the time of sale every time
  • Auto - will allow you to manually enter a % of the transaction amount
    • Tax% - enter the tax percent for all transactions

Tip Prompt - If enabled, you will have the option to include a tip amount when processing a transaction.

  • Tip Entry Mode:
    • Prompt Amount - allows you to manually enter a dollar amount
    • Prompt Percent - will allow you to manually enter a % of the transaction amount
    • Pick % - allows you to choose from a list of tip % during the time of transaction
    • Auto Apply % - will automatically add a designated %.
  • Tip Receipt: If enabled, you will be able to print a reciept with the amount of the transaction so that the customer may include a tip amount on the receipt. You may then enter the tip amount so that the grand total may be authorized.

(To print, press the menu button while on a sale screen at the top-right corner)

Click on Save at the bottom to save any or all settings entered.

Cash Discount

Cash Discount

Cash Discount - Cash Discount - Cash Discount program provides a solution for a merchant to offset credit card processing fees. By offering a decreased price for cash purchases, merchants reward customers for paying in cash and in turn retain the money you would have paid in credit card processing fees. If enabled, the mobile payment app will apply a designated Cash Discount amount or percentage to every transaction.

Label - Enter the text you want to appear for the Cash Discount Prompt

Mode - Choose to apply a fixed dollar amount or a percentage

Fixed Amount - Appears if Mode is set to Fixed Amount. Enter the dollar amount to apply to the transaction

Fee% - Appears if Mode is set to Percent. Enter the percentage to apply to the transaction

Fee% Mode - Appears if Mode is set to Percent. Choose whether to apply the percentage to only the amount, amount + tax, amount + tax + tip

Tender Types - Check off the tender types that the Cash Discount will be applied to.

Transaction Settings

Trans Settings

Enable Signature - Prompts for the customer's signature after an approved credit card transaction. (Enabled by default)

Retry Attempts - # of times the app will try to resubmit a transaction if there was no response from server.

No Response Action - If a submitted transaction receives no response from server, you may choose to have the app "Ask to Store Offline" or "Auto Store Offline".

Offline - If enabled, all transactions entered will not be submitted for authorization, but will be stored securely within your phone. When offline mode is disabled, you may submit those transactions for authorization from the Offline Transactions Logs. WARNING: The merchant assumes all risk for any transaction that are declined and/or rejected for any reason when submitted for approval.

Default Amount - Any amount entered here will automatically display as the transaction amount when beginning a transaction.

  • Quantity Prompt - If you choose a default amount, the quantity prompt can be used as a multiplier.

Purchase Cards Enabled - Allows you to accept Level 2 cards. A Level 2 card is government or business issued credit card. The customer will need to provide a purchase code.

Swipe Option: Determines what track is read when a credit card is swiped.

Show Subtotal: Displays the subtotal of transaction amount and tax amount.

Peripheral Devices

Peripheral Devices

Used to pair compatible printers and swipers with the app. For additional info, see Peripheral Help.

Receipt Options

Receipt Options

View/Edit Header - Displays at the top of a receipt.

View/Edit Footer - Displays at the bottom of a receipt.

Print Options - Pick whether "Customer Copy", "Merchant Copy", both or no receipt should be automatically printed upon an approved and/or declined transaction.

Email Options - Sets the behaviour of emailed receipts.

  • Email Customer Receipt: If enabled, a prompt for the customer's email address will appear after an approved transaction.
  • Default From Email: The email address that the customer will see when the reciept is emailed.
  • Default Subject Text: The subject of the receipt email.
  • Email Method: The receipt email can be sent via your phone/tablet or a CHARGE Anywhere server.



Network Settings - The app will always be in Production. This cannot be changed.

Application Mode - The app can be placed in a Demo Mode, Testing Mode, or Debug Mode. Transactions will not be be submitted for authorization when utilizing one of these modes. WARNING: CHARGE Anywhere highly discourages changing the application mode.

Config Tender Types - Controls the display of Transaction's tender type.

GPS - If enabled, the GPS location of the transaction's origin will be digitally stored.

Processor Info - Allows you to change the specifications of your processor info.

Show All Settings

Show All Settings

Can display/print the various app settings, including the version #, device ID, and software license key.