Payment Form Processing Data

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The payment form processing data is a necessary component of the payment form to validate the authenticity of a transactions. The secret value obtained here should be added to your payment form and should be kept confidential.

The secret will need to be included in your website during integration. If secret is rotated, the newly generated value needs to be used instead of the old one. Otherwise Payment Forms will stop working.

To retrieve your secret key:

1. Go to Virtual Terminal > Payment Forms > Payment Form Processing Data

2. Enter your Transaction Manager password to ensure authorized access.

3. All devices will be listed in the grid. Click 'Generate Secret' next to the device that will be processing your payment form. The Secret will appear in the far right column.

4. Enter the secret key in your payment form.

Once you have generated a key, you will always have the option to Rotate Key. This option will change the current secret key. It is recommended to rotate key once a year.

Payment Form Processing Data